The Practical Test


The Practical Driving Test

You may book your practical test on-line at The fee for the practical test is currently £62.00 and please ensure that you quote your instructor’s reference number. Mine is 58635.

On the day of your test you should take with you:-

  • Your Driving Licence & Theory Pass Certificate
  • Your appointment Email
  • Spectacles if you require them
  • Facemask & pen

If you are taking the test in your own car, you should make sure that you provide a vehicle that has seat belts,  an integral head restraint fitted to the front passenger seat, and an adjustable rear-view mirror inside the car that the examiner can use. Your vehicle must also display “L” plates. Due to Coronavirus, the front windows of the car must be fully open to allow the air to circulate

Having completed your documentation, at the start of your test you will be required to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet) for old-style number plates or 20 metres (66 feet) for new style number plates. If you need spectacles to read the number plate, you must wear them every time you drive. Failure to read the number plate will cause the test to be aborted.

You will then be asked one Tell Me Question designed to demonstrate your basic mechanical knowledge of the vehicle. The Show Me Question will be demonstrated on the move.

The driving element of the test will last for 38-40 minutes, covering a diverse range of road and traffic conditions including dual-carriageway, rural, in-town and backstreets. You will need to demonstrate that you have the necessary skill and expertise to cope with any situation that presents itself.

Manoeuvre-wise, you will be required to perform one of the following:- a left-hand reverse into a parking bay, a left-hand reverse at the kerb, pull up on the opposite side of the road reverse two car lengths and then re-join the traffic flow safely or drive forwards into a parking bay either to the left or right (your choice) finishing between the white lines and the reverse out safely following the configuration of the car park One in three candidates will be asked to perform an emergency stop. During the test, you may be pulled over to the side of the road on two or three occasions. This could be for a hill start, an angled start or to demonstrate your ability to join the traffic flow safely. You will also have to drive for approximately 20 minutes Independently following directions from a Satnav one in five candidates will be asked to follow signs as per the Examiners instructions. You may if you wish to have your instructor sitting in the back of the car on your test, remember it’s your choice if you think it will help you to feel more at ease also you can have your favourite cd playing quietly. It is your test so do what is best for you.

At the end of the test, the examiner will give you your result and offer a debrief. You will be asked if you would like your instructor to be present – we advise that you should say “YES”.

New Driver Act - 1 June 1997

On passing your test, for the first two years, you are on probation. You only have 6 penalty points to play with instead of 12 for experienced drivers. If you lose these points, you will be required to apply and pay for a new provisional licence, apply and pay for another theory and hazard perception test and apply and pay for another driving test. Follow this link to The Highway Code.

Sandgate Driving School is registered for Pass Plus. PASS PLUS is a training scheme for new drivers. It’s much more than just a few extra lessons. This specially designed course by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry, helps you gain valuable driving experience.